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The Right Hedge

Not sure what the right hedge is to suit your needs?

When thinking about putting in a hedge, there are many things to consider, the main ones being:

  • The purpose the hedge will perform. Will the hedge be used as a privacy screen to block out neighbours and reduce noise? Or will it be purely for ornamental purposes as a feature in the garden?
  • The root systems and common diseases prevalent with each plant. Thought has to be given to the plant’s root systems and how invasive they will be to underground pipes or driveways. Some plants are more susceptible to diseases than others or are more suited to a particular environment. If you are in cool areas with frost or drought-prone areas, this may affect the type of plant you can grow.
  • Growth of the hedge and the maintenance required to keep it looking good. Plants grow at different rates. The quicker it grows, the more time you will spend maintaining it.
  • The size of your plants and how easy they will be to establish. Smaller plants are cheaper to purchase but will take longer to form a hedge; larger plants will take a shorter amount of time but are more challenging to establish, and their success rate is lower. You will also have to consider how patient you are prepared to be for it to reach your desired size.

Significant consideration should be put into any plant’s purpose, environment, and maintenance requirements so you can choose the right hedge to meet your needs.

And, of course, if you want some additional help and advice on planting, hedging and tree trimming, then the simplest solution is to let Fox Mowing look after it all for you.

And while we’re in your garden, we can do a lot of other stuff to get your garden looking and feeling its best.

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