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Plant Nutrients

Plants are reliant upon nutrients for survival and growth.

There are at least 17 elements that are essential nutrients for plant health. The main type is called macronutrients and they include potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Macronutrients provide the bulk energy for the plant to function and grow. Nitrogen is a vital plant nutrient, mostly derived from the soil and required in large amounts for use in cellular growth and development. If there is a deficiency in nitrogen, the plant will grow slowly and will tend to have a purple appearance on the stems and underside of the leaves.

Smaller amounts of nutrients such as iron, copper, zinc, chlorine and manganese are all required in differing amounts. These nutrients come under the title of micronutrients and they are used for plant metabolism and photosynthesis.

Plant nutrients play a major factor in plant health. If the soil is lacking in any type of nutrient, plants can suffer from stunted growth, deformity, discolourations and abnormal or shortened life cycles.

Every type of plant requires different levels of nutrients in order to obtain optimum growth and performance. So, if you notice your plant looking worse for wear, ensure that it is getting enough nutrients by boosting the soil with manure or compost, or apply a fertiliser.

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