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Lawn Weeds

Having lawn weeds is a normal part of having grass. Once you have lawn weeds, they can spread quickly, so the sooner you treat them, the better!

Most weeds can be easily controlled by applying a selective herbicide that will kill the weeds but not harm the grass. Depending upon the degree of infestation, repeat applications may be required. Weeds such as bindii are best treated before the plant sets seed and can still be dug up and removed by hand.

Lawns that are dry, compacted and in poor condition will be more susceptible to weed attacks. If you have any lawn areas with damaged, dead, or dying grass, replace the turf to stop weeds from taking over that patch of ground.

The easiest way to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn is to keep your grass in good condition. This involves ensuring your lawn is getting the required amount of water through natural rainfall, supplementing it with watering in times of drought. Regular fertilising with slow-release fertiliser at least once a year will assist in keeping the lawn healthy. Regular mowing will also help to remove weed seed heads before they can mature and seed your lawn.

And, of course, if you want some additional help and advice on lawn weeds and how to control them, the simplest solution is to let Fox Mowing look after it all for you.

And while we’re in your garden, we can do a lot of other stuff to get your garden looking and feeling its best.

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