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Garden Fertilizing & Mulching

There is no better way to bring life to a landscape than with beautifully planned flower and garden beds. Whether planted along a foundation wall, fence line, patio, front porch, retaining wall or pathway – they offer gorgeous bursts of colour that can turn your garden into a scented paradise.

There is no hard and fast rule to maintaining a flower or garden bed because there are just too many flowers with different needs. However, two things that every proper garden maintenance plan includes are proper fertilisation and mulching.


Flowers and other garden plants need water and sun to produce colourful blossoms regularly. But they also need a high-quality plant food or fertiliser that contains a blend of three essential nutrients: nitrogen for vibrant leaves, phosphorus for flower production and potassium for root growth.


For the average property owner, it is easy to believe that mulching and fertilising a garden bed is the same. While mulch contributes to fertilising your plants and flowers, it is not the main reason people add it to their gardens and flower beds.

Mulching serves four very different purposes. The first is that it makes your garden look neater. It also protects your soil against drastic temperature fluctuations, such as ground freezes in winter. It prevents moisture from evaporating from your soil, which is essential in Australia, where water is precious. Lastly, it helps to stop the growth of weeds.

Instead of trying to figure out which fertiliser or mulch is best for your garden or flower bed, let the garden maintenance experts at Fox Mowing QLD evaluate your garden’s needs and create a custom fertilisation and mulching plan that promotes the healthy growth of every plant, shrub and flower.

Our local teams of gardening experts provide a wide range of flower and garden bed services for both residential and commercial clients. Every team member is reliable, professional and highly experienced. And they’ll keep your garden beds healthy and vibrant all year long.

Our garden care crews always arrive in branded vehicles and complete uniforms. We believe in integrity, consistency and professionalism, so you can always rely on us to take excellent care of your home and garden. ‘We’ll treat your home or commercial garden as our own!

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