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Lawn & Garden Fertilising Services In Brisbane, Qld

Like any living thing, your lawn and garden will look its best if its properly looked after. Lawn & Garden Fertilising is an important element in the care for your flowers and plants, because just like us, your garden needs to be fed regularly and with the right foods.

Your lawn and flower beds need to be supplied with a high quality and well-balanced fertiliser on a regular basis to maintain its vibrancy in looks and health for the long term. It is amazing how many people don’t do regular garden maintenance including lawn & garden fertilising.

There are two types of lawn & garden fertilising; chemical (inorganic) and mineral (organic).

  • Chemical fertilisers contain a blend of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium in differing ratios. All of these elements are nutrients that your lawn & garden needs to stay lush, green and healthy, no matter the season.
  • Mineral fertilisers are made from all-natural ingredients and include micro elements that give plants a well-balanced diet.

Many will argue that you should only use purely organic fertiliser, but the truth is that every lawn needs a carefully balanced mixture of both.

Trying to get your lawn & garden fertilising formula right for your property can be confusing, and sometimes it can mean your lawn & garden ends up looking worse than before you started. But the experienced lawn & garden fertilising experts at Fox Mowing can simply look at your lawn & garden and know exactly what fertiliser needs to be applied, where, and in what strength.

That’s why your best option is to contact our local professionals and let them take care of the process, making sure your lawn & garden gets the right nutrients at the right time.

With years of experience in keeping both residential and commercial properties properly fertilised, we provide a budget friendly fertilising solution that delivers the best results.


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