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Dandelions are an easily recognisable weed with their bright yellow daisy-like flowers on tall hollow stems with toothed green leaves. When the flowers mature, they turn into white puffballs containing seeds that spread to other lawn areas with the wind.

Dandelions are broad-leaved perennials that grow from a taproot, often 60 to 90 centimetres deep. Their root lies dormant through the cooler months, reappearing to grow new above-ground shoots in the springtime.

Due to the nature of the dandelion’s root system, they can be difficult to remove by hand, as the roots grow deep effectively, and if any taproot remains in the ground, the weed will regenerate.

Treat dandelions by applying a selective herbicide to the weed and allow a couple of days to a week before you mow to enable the chemical to reach the roots.

A thick and lush lawn is the best way to prevent dandelions from establishing. Regular mowing at a higher height and regular fertilising will ensure a healthy and robust lawn thick enough to allow dandelions and other weeds to grow in the soil.

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