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Bindiis are a pain to have on your lawn. Their sharp needle-like points are the bane of every barefoot in the summertime!

Bindii-eyes have small, fern-like leaves that look similar to parsley, which, when seeded, turn to tiny flowers and dry out, creating sharp, pointy needles that get stuck in your feet when you walk over them. Bindii patches are easily spread as they can be moved to different areas on the bottom of your shoes.


Late winter and early spring are the best times to remove them before their seeds germinate and spread throughout the lawn.

You’ll need to dig out the patches of bindii by hand, ensuring that all roots have been removed. Otherwise, you can apply a broad-leafed herbicide to kill the bindii without damaging the surrounding grass.

Aerating the soil will also help to reduce bindii numbers, as they favour compacted and compressed ground. Lifting the mower blades so the grass is left longer when mowed will also make it harder for the bindiis to survive, as the longer grass will suffocate it. The sooner you get onto fixing and controlling bindii summers, the safer you and your family will be while enjoying your garden!

And, of course, if you want additional help and advice on removing bindiis or other weeds from your lawn, the simplest solution is to let Fox Mowing look after it all for you.

And while we’re in your garden, we can do a lot of other stuff to get your garden looking and feeling its best.

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